Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ramble way before 20-20:This game has no future. Its a typical masala match. Lets send the fringe players to the Cup.

Common ramblings just before the start of the 20-20:Its for all those fringe teams. Its more open game, the smaller teams will go a long way.

After Zim beating the Oz and the Bangla team beating the Windies:See, told you. It gives these teams the freedom. They can win, they just need to do one thing right and do it right only for 20 overs - thats it!

After India and Pak beat Oz:These teams have finally proved their mettle. It takes a lot to beat the Aussies, and they have done it. Its a much improved Indian side (or Pak side). There is so much energy in the team.

After the final:A resplendent tournament. 20-20 has an amazing future. Its the start of a new era in cricket.
Pawar thinks - Nows my chance. Its a perfect platform for an NCP election rally.
State govts think - Well, the tax payers money is anyway roting in the Swiss Bank accounts, lets disburse them like a good samaritan.

I think - There may be a new 80-20 rule for cricket!
You think - Tell me. Is the tone:
  • a. Analytical
  • b. Cynic / Myopic
  • c. Disinterested
  • d. None of the above (if so, please mention).