Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ramble way before 20-20:This game has no future. Its a typical masala match. Lets send the fringe players to the Cup.

Common ramblings just before the start of the 20-20:Its for all those fringe teams. Its more open game, the smaller teams will go a long way.

After Zim beating the Oz and the Bangla team beating the Windies:See, told you. It gives these teams the freedom. They can win, they just need to do one thing right and do it right only for 20 overs - thats it!

After India and Pak beat Oz:These teams have finally proved their mettle. It takes a lot to beat the Aussies, and they have done it. Its a much improved Indian side (or Pak side). There is so much energy in the team.

After the final:A resplendent tournament. 20-20 has an amazing future. Its the start of a new era in cricket.
Pawar thinks - Nows my chance. Its a perfect platform for an NCP election rally.
State govts think - Well, the tax payers money is anyway roting in the Swiss Bank accounts, lets disburse them like a good samaritan.

I think - There may be a new 80-20 rule for cricket!
You think - Tell me. Is the tone:
  • a. Analytical
  • b. Cynic / Myopic
  • c. Disinterested
  • d. None of the above (if so, please mention).


At 1:03 AM, Blogger Voice said...

i felt it is more like disinterested tone

kal news dekha tha... politicians age baithe the aur cricketers peeche

At 3:00 AM, Anonymous abhishek said...

analytical.. i totally agree with you.. 20-20 game has got no future.

At 12:57 AM, Blogger Debarshi Roy said...

disinterested shld be it.but cmon 20-20 is the game we wld love to see in nt it great to see the sixes being measured from the center of the pitch and people outside the stadium carrying world cup balls as a souveniour? My wife has never been interested in cricket but watched every ball of the 20-20 S/F and final sacrficing her 9-10 pm zee slots.


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