Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Indian Government the Best" says a McKinzey study

Its time finally for the MPs and MLAs of India to uncork the champagne and party hard in their respective assemblies! A new McKinzey study on the Indian government has just rated the government of the world's largest democracy's working as the most perfect, not only in the region but also in the world. The study initiated by the consulting major themselves, will make its report public tomorrow. Another independent study, being conducted by another leading consultancy which wished to be unnamed, is also ready with its report and sources say, they also corroborate the McKinzey findings.

The consultancy giant held a press conference today in Delhi and shared with the press snippets of its findings. Ubiquitous in the study has been the efficiency of the current party in power. And, McKinzey says, that the current government's work dispels all the questions if anybody ever had on the bureaucracy in India and the inability of her leaders to accept blames. Though McKinzey refused to divulge much, but on pressure from the press, it gave few examples without naming any.

A case in point, according to the study, was the way the reservation issue was handled. When the government came to power, it promised more reservations. Typically, the study says, it would have required any government its entire tenure to pass such a thing. However, the urgency with which the government passed reservation in higher education in Indian colleges, does, to quote the presentation, "throws an egg on the face of those who always have complains about bureaucracy in India ". Really, it does speaks volumes about the adeptness of the government and the way it has improved. McKinzey also praised the timing of the order, saying that it would put even the Big Ben to shame, if it were a human being! Its true, the timing has been immaculate, what, with major state elections as well as an important Lok Sabha by-poll scheduled in the coming months.

The study, also lauded the efforts of a certain woman in the government. It says that leaders over the world need to follow the example of this remarkable woman in Indian politics. The way this woman disguises politics in otherwise unrelated and innocent events to stir up emotions and garner sympathy, has been termed path-breaking in the field of politics. So much so that, the study has also recommended that this becomes a major field of study in political science courses across the globe. As an example, the study gives a brilliant example of how the American president could have used this technique to disguise his unpopular political decisions, such as the Iraq War (sources say that the American president did get some tips during his latest visit to the country).

Concluding the press conference, McKinzey says that this model of working should be adopted by governments all over the globe so as to improve their efficiencies. It further requested the Indian government to send delegations to the backward countries and teach them how to run a government. The entire world wishes that the Indian government does listen to this plea and share its intellect in this age of globalisation.

(I was thinking about writing something else when I stumbled across this link on DC++ mainchat

The Central government has decided to introduce 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in 20 Central universities across the country.

This and what has happened in the last couple of weeks formed the basis of the above "account")


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Voice said...

thats y one shud not rely on statistics. figures data weights examples all are soo vague :P. i realised them a little bit while my project work :P

Anyway good post. but i was not looking for this one...

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous manutd said...

well I now doubt mackinsey's ways of conducting surveys :D

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a few years ago our women suddenly became some of the most beautiful in the world, Now our democracy!! What next??

At 6:20 AM, Blogger mask said...

you will get what you want, just be patient

seriously, :D

yups, point to ponder :P

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