Friday, August 17, 2007

GC on Kumble

Lets imagine a time one month from now. You are watching MTV, while during the break theres this trademark MTV contest which asks a question with trademark options which goes like this :

Who do you think will score a century on the England tour from India:
a)Either one of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly.
b)Anil Kumble.

Hmm, what would have been your answer?Definitely not 'b', but if somebody did say 'b', he would have found himself in a month's time competing in a lucky draw with probably only 3 more correct answers - one each sent by Kumble's parents and his wife! Odds of winning a random contest never gets any better than this!

Its remarkable to learn that Kumble has scored a test century. I got to know about it only on the next day's newspaper and thought for a second 'duniya idhar se udhar ho gayi hai kya'! I have always referred to Kumble as 'Kana Kumble', whenever he would misfield, or drop a catch, or bowl a stupid delivery and assume that he has spun the bowl and numerous other occassions, even if the situation did not warrant the prefix including taking a whack at a wayward full toss only to find his middle stump uprooted. But now, Kumble, who till the other day was 'thought' of as a 'spinner' is now a test centurion (no quotes here)! I guess the Hindu newspaper was equally stunned, because this is what it carried as headline in its front page 'Kumble century denies India world record'.

I bet there was a particular person who went 'shits' with himself as he watched Kumble score a century. I belief this was the converstaion he would have had with his beer buddy as he saw Kumble score a century:

Mate: Hey GC, that blokes playing good, is he a batsman?
GC: Nopes mate, he is a bowler.
Mate: Ok, I get it, so he is an allrounder?
GC: Nopes, a bowler, who never could bat, though seeing him today, I think I could have groomed him as an all rounder. Shit! I didn't spot the potential in him!
Mate: Hmm, how did you miss him?
GC: Well, I was busy with some other bloke.
Mate: So that bloke was an all rounder?
GC: Nopes, that guy was a bowler, who swung his bat once in a while.
Mate: Ok, so you made him an allrounder?
Gc: Nopes, I could not, coz that bloke destroyed himself, now he can neither bat nor bowl.
Mate: Sad. So you think you could have made this bloke an allrounder and at the same time prevent this bloke from destroying himself?
GC: Yes. If I would have only done that we would have won the World Cup! And all this time, I was trying to brand this bloke as a test player!
Mate: I think you went pretty shit with all your decisions. So how come you didnt come back with any shit thrown on your face?
GC: Well because I always used Microsoft Powerpoint to present my matter to my previous employers. They went pretty bazookas on seeing slides. I could even hide the inefficiencies with them. I owe Bill Gates a lot for this.
Mate: Guess you needed a slide show to spot this bloke as well. By the way, how old is this bloke?
GC: Well, he is 36. Thank goodness I didnt ask him to retire, like I asked another guy to. I would have ended up with 2 eggs on my face instead of one!Mate: Well you could have always used Powerpoint, as you said.
Gc: Yups, I guess.(shouting to the bartender)Hey give us another round here. Tell you what mate, I think its time for Ricky Ponting to retire....


At 1:40 AM, Blogger Voice said...

i took me 1 full minute to realise that GC is greg chapel :))

good one
mujhe nahi lagta ki kumble ki wife n parents bhi kumble pe bet karte :P

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Debarshi Roy said...

hey good one.


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